Full- service audio recording studio – an ear to music

cdfgTo set up a Full-service audio recording studio, one needs to do a lot of things. Like, one will need to know when recording multiple takes or on what scale an audio recording studio should be made in. There is also the need to know how to do tracking, mixing, post – production, etc. One needs to think, how to make it into a state of the art studio.

How to Make the Recording Studio: The first thing that comes to mind is space. Also, space needs to be used up hundred percent.  The minimum space needed in the centre is about three hundred and twenty square feet for the control room. Hence, one would have to keep a clear visual communication from all sides so that all the rooms can be seen from each and every side. There is the space of five hundred and sixty feet which will have fourteen ceilings. There are times that, when you require a large space to keep the bigger instruments such as drums and the sound of drums sound better in a larger room. One also needs two large rooms or booths around the recording space, each with different acoustical cfginstruments. One can also have a reverb chamber if one wants to.

Recording Multiple Takes: In the olden times, engineers did not have the luxury of copy and paste. When it comes to tracking lead vocals, one must keep some few empty tracks available so that one can record several takes. This means recording multiple versions of the same part. Earlier one would only record that part, which comes out the best. Then one would need to punch in those parts that need improvement. Punching needs a lot of skill and practice, because if it is done at the wrong time then it can spoil the track. Now with all the latest gadgets such as Prp Tools , so that you can record as many times as you want. One can make the singer sing the same song five to ten times if one wants, then you can copy and paste the perfect comp.. Recording always depends on the situation and so if one wants to save time, one need not have so many recordings.

How to know that a mix is finished: A mix can drag on forever, but if you have a deadline then one needs to hurry up. However, if the pocket is deep or one has an unlimited budget, then one can take one owns time. Here areszawed a few points to find out when the mix is considered.

  1. The groove of the song needs to be solid. Whatever element supplies the groove, it needs to be increased so that one can feel the music.
  2. Each instrument needs to have its frequency to be heard.
  3. Every lyric and every note of every solo must be heard.
  4. The mix must have a focal point and contrast.
  5. One can mix the song that you love, and it sounds perfect.